BioCeramed is a European healthcare company, specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of calcium phosphate substitutes for bone regeneration.

Currently, Bioceramed sells its products in over 50 countries. The company is ISO 13485:2016 certified. All the production complies with the European directive for medical devices and regulatory requirements.

BioCeramed is the result of the experience of Ceramed, a recognized coating company that has coated more than 1 million implants since 2005.

Innovation is at the core of BioCeramed’s strategy. The R&D team, in collaboration with academic partners, develops solutions to improve the performance of medical devices. BioCeramed has designed and developed innovative biomaterials for bone regeneration in orthopedic, trauma, spine, dental and craniofacial surgeries.

Προϊόντα της εταιρίας BioCeramed